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Where to get your driving gloves.

If you are as big of a fan of driving gloves as I am then you know that there are many different models of driving gloves and different sources to get them.( I also don't have to explain why you should get driving gloves) Just type in “driving gloves” into Google or your favorite search engine and a number of sites offering gloves will pop up.

Driving gloves come in all shapes and sizes, there are fingerless varieties and gloves that only cover the upper part of your hand. In the past the traditional gloves were strictly made out of leather and were available in black or brown. But now are available in a wide assortment of fabrics and colors. They are available for both men and women.

The history of the driving gloves is that these gloves wear worn by early car drivers to protect against the cold. Many of the first cars didn’t have heating. Drivers could also protect their hands from getting calluses as the early steering wheels were made of wood or uncovered metal. In subsequent years car steering wheels became more sophisticated. Car manufacturers started to make steering wheels that were covered in leather or non slip plastic. The need for traditional driving gloves was reduced. They did however remain popular amongst race car drivers and vintage car enthusiasts.

Nowadays the once practical driving glove is not solely reserved for automobilist but has become a symbol of a spirit of risk taking and speed. Much like leather motor cycle jackets that are worn by people whom will never own or even ride a motor cycle.

It isn’t a surprise then that this most excellent of motoring accessories has found its way in the collections of many of the world’s most fashionable designer brands. Big fashion house like  Gucci, Lanvin and Ralph Lauren are selling ultra stylish driving gloves in the a multitude of luxurious fabrics.